About Us

SriRaadhe Ice cream established in the year 1996 was formerly known as “Rasaranjan”. The first delicacy to roll out from us is “AAMRAS” which instantly became a flavorsome product loved by our customers and the catering segment as well. The product was available all through the year with our modern technology procedure. The ice cream that remains as one of our specialties and all-time favorite happens to be our signature ice cream “ChappanBhog”. We at SriRaadhe started understanding the customer’s penchant for new varieties of ice creams and in quick time we started bringing in diverse varieties of ice creams. The customer likeability gives us the zeal to experiment and bring out many more new flavors.

We at SriRaadhe have more than twenty diverse flavors which are pioneers and have a stamp of SriRaadhe’s penchant for doling out new and palatable flavors. We have a strong presence in Hyderabad and Secunderabad with two exclusive outlets and look forward to establishing our footprints throughout the country.

Manufacturing Unit:

We at SriRaadhe have an automated manufacturing unit where every detail of the ice cream is paid heed to and not prepared by manual labor. We are equipped with the latest state of the art machineries which prepares high-quality ice cream. The production capacity is being upgraded constantly with regard to the new market trends and requirements. The manufacturing unit is established at the heart of the Hyderabad city making it accessible to the nook and corner of the city.

Quality Assurance:

We have set our standards exemplary and follow them in letter and spirit. Our ice-creams stand a testimony of our commitment to the principles we are committed to. We prepare our ice-cream with ingredients which are rich and comply with the standards which are unmatched. SriRaadhe’s USP is that we manufacture ice-cream in small batches reason being that the end consumer has to get a fresh ice-cream. The turnaround time from manufacturing and the consumption of ice-cream is reduced whereby the ice-cream tastes fresh at any point in time.

Why Sriraadheicecream?

SriRaadhe ice-creams are categorized in three groups A) Fruits B) Dry Fruits C) Chocolate.

Fruits: SriRaadhe manufactures ice-creams which give a natural taste of fruit which is blended in the form of Ice-cream. Our ice-cream stands a testimony of the rich fruit which stands out and speaks volumes about the richness of fruit and ice-cream.

Dry fruits: SriRaadhe dry fruit ice-creams are a fusion of rich Dry fruits mixed with ice-cream which gives a distinctive taste and pampers the taste buds.

Chocolate: SriRaadhe chocolate ice-creams are prepared with imported chocolate to give an authentic chocolate flavor. Many variants are there to tease the taste buds of all age groups.